Students in Konkourona are Thriving!

Congratulations to the Konkourona Primary School Graduating Class of 2021! History was made again this year when 33 students passed the...

Jul 17, 2021


Health Access is on the Horizon

Everyday, great progress is made on the construction of the health center in Konkourona. As the team in Konkourona continues to work...

Jul 17, 2021


Village Leaders Travel to Mali

Victorien Millogo, KAFO's Field Program Director and Mami Siara N'a's Vice President (in blue), traveled to Mpakasso, Mali with Moussa...

Aug 30, 2021


New classrooms are finished!

A priest, a teacher, and an elder walk onto campus. This is not the beginning of a joke, it is the inauguration of the new classrooms at ...

Aug 13, 2020


Laptops have arrived!

Hey everyone! I’m writing with some very exciting news! All 6 teachers and the school director now have laptops! Seven laptops, 3 TV wall...

Oct 27, 2020


We have water!

Unbelievable progress continues in Konkourona! After drilling down into the earth twice unsuccessfully, the third time was a charm! A...

Apr 1, 2021


The GlobalGiving Accelerator Campaign has begun!

KAFO has been accepted into the GlobalGiving Accelerator Program! GlobalGiving is the largest global crowdfunding community, connecting...

Sep 14, 2020


Global Giving Success

After an eventful two weeks, we want to offer huge thanks to all of the amazing donors who supported our campaign! We had 100 donations...

Oct 16, 2020


Building Materials Arrive

Building materials were delivered in Konkourona last week, marking the start of construction of three new classrooms. More than 300...

Jan 26, 2020


Construction Continues through Pandemic

Construction continues in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic.  It is hoped that the remote location of Konkourona and restrictions on...

Apr 3, 2020


School Starts Soon

Construction of three new classrooms and an office for the principal and teachers is almost finished. In the past month, the walls have...

May 5, 2020


New Classrooms are Finished

Officials decided to end classes for Grades 1-5 for the summer as a result of COVID-19, but students in Grade 6 are studying hard for the...

Jun 30, 2020


Building Housing for Teachers

Construction of housing for teachers is now underway! Supplies have arrived in the village and bricks are being laid! Support of the...

Jul 2, 2020


Primary Health Center Planned

Our next project is the construction of a Primary Health Center. In Konkourona, there is no access to any form of healthcare. Traditional...

Jul 2, 2020


Construction of Housing for Teachers Continues

The teachers in Konkourona come from other villages which are too far to travel to and from every day, and the only housing available is...

Jul 5, 2020


Blueprints Turn to Buildings

As the walls go up for new houses for teachers, the team in Konkourona shares new pictures and updates. It’s amazing to see how the work...

Jul 11, 2020


Walls Rise with Hard Work

As another week passes, more progress is made. The current project to construct teachers' housing is progressing ahead of schedule. The...

Jul 19, 2020


Students make history on exams!

The development in progress on the primary school campus has invigorated the people in Konkourona. In a village with so many families,...

Aug 10, 2020


Primary Health Center gains new grounds!

A successful meeting of the Mami Siara Na Association, the Land Chief and the elders of Konkourona was held, during which a site was...

Aug 13, 2020


Thank you for believing!

Here at KAFO, it is a part of our mission to help every child become great through power of education. Because of our supporters, we are...

Aug 20, 2020


More students make progress!

Agnés, Marie, Antoine, and Daniel stand inside the dormitory compound in Bobo-Dioulasso. Although the COVID-19 pandemic led to major...

Aug 28, 2020


Congratulations to Edmond!

As early as the 1980's, KAFO President, Dr. Jules Millogo had been using his own money to support health and education in his village....

Sep 5, 2020


Help KAFO with AmazonSmile!

Have you been doing more shopping from home? Have you have started to think about holiday shopping? With the giving season approaching,...

Oct 20, 2020


Students and teachers are celebrating!

After weeks of work by contractors and volunteers, the teachers' housing is complete! Four new buildings stand on the school campus, and...

Oct 14, 2020


Teachers' housing is complete!

The keys were handed over to the six teachers and the school director who moved to Konkourona for the new school year. When classes...

Oct 21, 2020


Gift of Transportation

When the founders of KAFO sat down to discuss Edmond’s first year of university, they considered the challenges this year may present....

Dec 3, 2020


The search for water has begun!

Big things are happening in Konkourona! Mami Siara Na submitted the application to the Burkina Faso government which will allow the...

Feb 4, 2021


Aidez KAFO avec Amazon Smile!

Avez-vous fait plus de shopping en ligne? Avez-vous commencé à penser aux achats des holiday? À l'approche de la saison des dons, ajoutez...

Oct 22, 2020


Le centre de santé primaire gagne de nouveaux terrains

Nous avons de bonnes nouvelles! Une réunion fructueuse de l'Association Mami Siara Na, du chef de la Région et des aînés de Konkourona a...

Sep 6, 2020


Merci d'avoir cru

Ici à KAFO, cela fait partie de notre mission d'aider chaque enfant à grandir grâce au pouvoir de l'éducation. Grâce à nos supporters,...

Sep 6, 2020