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Look at them go!

Mothers mobilize to fill in the foundation for the middle school floor with sand, bucket by bucket. Once it is mostly filled, cement will...

May 7, 2023


Let the games begin!

Cards and games were purchased for the Konkourona library this week at the request of the Library Manager, Issaka Ramde. Children filled...

Apr 9, 2023


The Health Center is flourishing!

Nadia, new nurse in Health Center The Sandia Millogo Health and Social Promotion Center has been opened for almost two months now and it...

Feb 13, 2023


Happy New Year!

Larissa, thriving middle school student There is so much to celebrate at KAFO as we begin a new year. We have big plans for 2023, but...

Jan 4, 2023


Healthy baby girl!

The new Sandia Millogo Health and Social Promotion Center in Konkourona, named after the mother of KAFO's President, Dr. Jules Millogo,...

Dec 22, 2022


Happy Thanksgiving!

I received a picture of the weekend hours at the community library in Konkourona early this morning (below) and I have been thinking...

Nov 25, 2022


People of Konkourona

Burkinabe photographer, Warren Saré, visited Konkourona in September to document the progress being made as a result of development...

Oct 9, 2022


Hope spreads in Konkourona!

KAFO President, Dr. Jules Millogo, traveled to Konkourona for the first time since the COVID-19 pandemic began to meet with leaders of...

Sep 16, 2022


Medical equipment arrives!

Newlyweds, Irène Millogo and Benjamin Adabrah (Ben), worked tirelessly to clear administrative hurdles preventing release of a shipment...

Aug 27, 2022


Student success continues!

Students climbed into our KAFO/MSN construction vehicle to be transported by KAFO Program Director, Victorien Millogo, to another village...

Jul 3, 2022


Health center is approved!

We are thrilled to announce that the Minister of Health has just approved the new health center we helped build in Konkourona!!! ...

Jun 10, 2022


Preparing for rain!

Digging has begun in Konkourona to prepare for the trees to be planted for reforestation in the rainy season from June to September....

May 22, 2022


Big plans for 2022!

The medical equipment and supplies for the new health center in Konkourona made it to the port in Accra, Ghana 4 weeks ago, from West...

Apr 10, 2022


Progress continues!

A delegation from Burkina Faso's Ministry of Health visited Konkourona in February and met with village leaders (below) to discuss the...

Mar 5, 2022


Message from President

You may have seen news about the President of Burkina Faso being overthrown by the military. Many of you have contacted KAFO to ask...

Mar 5, 2022


Shipment was sent!

I had the great fortune to work with many people from Project c.u.r.e. over the past 10 months to prepare for shipment of medical...

Jan 22, 2022


Health center almost finished!

Hundreds of hard working people gathered to clean the grounds around their brand new maternal and child center, primary care center,...

Jan 2, 2022


Happy Thanksgiving!

Family and friends from Merck & Co., Inc., the Souderton-Telford Rotary Club, and Care and Share Thrift Shoppes came together this week...

Jan 2, 2022


Back to school!

School typically starts in October in Burkina Faso, but sixth grade students and their teacher started one month early this year, with...

Sep 30, 2021


Village Leaders Travel to Mali

Victorien Millogo, KAFO's Field Program Director and Mami Siara N'a's Vice President (in blue), traveled to Mpakasso, Mali with Moussa...

Aug 30, 2021


Health Access is on the Horizon

Everyday, great progress is made on the construction of the health center in Konkourona. As the team in Konkourona continues to work...

Jul 17, 2021


Students in Konkourona are Thriving!

Congratulations to the Konkourona Primary School Graduating Class of 2021! History was made again this year when 33 students passed the...

Jul 17, 2021


We have water!

Unbelievable progress continues in Konkourona! After drilling down into the earth twice unsuccessfully, the third time was a charm! A...

Apr 1, 2021


The search for water has begun!

Big things are happening in Konkourona! Mami Siara Na submitted the application to the Burkina Faso government which will allow the...

Feb 4, 2021


Gift of Transportation

When the founders of KAFO sat down to discuss Edmond’s first year of university, they considered the challenges this year may present....

Dec 3, 2020


Les enseignants ont des ordinateurs portables!

Salut tout le monde! J'écris avec de très bonnes nouvelles! Les 6 enseignants et le directeur de l'école ont maintenant des ordinateurs...

Oct 28, 2020


Laptops have arrived!

Hey everyone! I’m writing with some very exciting news! All 6 teachers and the school director now have laptops! Seven laptops, 3 TV wall...

Oct 27, 2020


Le logement des enseignants est terminé!

Les clés ont été remises aux six enseignants qui ont déménagé à Konkourona pour la nouvelle année scolaire. Lorsque les cours ont repris,...

Oct 22, 2020


Aidez KAFO avec Amazon Smile!

Avez-vous fait plus de shopping en ligne? Avez-vous commencé à penser aux achats des holiday? À l'approche de la saison des dons, ajoutez...

Oct 22, 2020


Global Giving Succès

Après deux semaines bien remplies, nous souhaitons remercier chaleureusement tous les formidables donateurs qui ont soutenu notre...

Oct 22, 2020