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Carnatic Concert for a Cause

Shreya Harikrishnan performed a concert in South Indian Carnatic music on August 22 at 10:00 am EDT to raise money to help build a middle school, buy books and school supplies, and provide access to computers in the remote village of Konkourona. 

Shreya Harikrishnan is an 11th grade honor student at North Penn High School in Pennsylvania, USA. Shreya showed a strong affinity towards music from the tender age of two, when she would silently listen to music and even hum tunes. By the age of 4, she had learned several Sai bhajans and sampradaya bhajans from her grandfather, Sri Narayana Ramalingam Aiyer, and other Sai devotees. 

Shreya started formal lessons at the age of 8 with her guru, Smt. Prabha Subramaniam, a renowned musician of yester years. Recently, she has been taking advanced vocal lessons from Smt. Ramya Raghavan, who had been training Shreya informally. During her trips to India, Shreya also underwent training from Kalaimamani Dr. Sundar.

In addition to Carnatic music, Shreya is trained in harmonium and western classical violin and has been part of the Philadelphia Young Artist Orchestra (PYAO) and Temple Chamber Music. She is also an avid traveller and passionate about neuroscience.

Shreya was accompanied by Kashap Rao, a student of Sri Vittal Ramamurthy, on the violin and Madhav Manikandan, a student of Dr. P. Sivakumar on the mridangam.

Carnatic Concert for a Cause
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