Congratulations to Edmond!

When I first met Edmond in 2019, KAFO had not been formerly founded. As early as the 1980's, Dr. Jules Millogo had been using his own money to support health and education in his village. Before he even graduated medical school, he was lifting his family out of poverty and working to advance his brothers education. Over the last 4 decades, promising students were selected to have their education financed by Dr. Millogo. Edmond, a helpful and humble young man, is one of the students who advanced his education with the help of his uncle. Feeling privileged to receive his uncle's support, he worked hard to advance himself to where he is today. When I visited Burkina Faso, I watched as he catered to the needs of the children around him, and as he worked diligently to complete his list of responsibilities. I watched him round up some of the students in the dormitory, and together we walked a mile or so to the children’s school. I sat with Larissa, Agnès, and Marie in the sun while he discussed school supplies with the school director. When he came back outside, he proclaimed in English “Okay, we have what we need.” Edmond was the oldest student living in the dorm at the time. Being the oldest, he was assigned many tasks throughout the week to help transition the kids back into the new school year as smoothly as possible. Together we visited a tailor, who mended the kids well worn uniforms. We shopped for groceries, whi