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We are building a vaccination facility!

The United Nations estimates that the average life expectancy in Burkina Faso is just over 60 years, which is well below the highest life expectancy in the world of 87, in Monaco. The leading causes of death are infectious diseases, and there are many vaccines to help prevent them. So KAFO and MSN are partnering to build a vaccination facility at the Sandia Millogo Health and Social Promotion Center that the partnership opened in December, 2022.

MSN will also use the new facility to conduct training on topics like nutrition, good sanitation and hygiene practices, and reproductive health.

When the facility is not being used for vaccination or training, it will be used as a waiting area for people who have brought patients from other villages to be cared for at the Health Center. There will be a multipurpose room, an office, a store for sale of food, water and essential items, and an equipment storage area inside, and a kitchen, latrines, and a hand washing station outside.

New middle school, front porch

As the new middle school nears completion, it is our hope that together we are improving the well being of the students who will fill the classrooms, their families, the teachers who will guide their way, and the security guard who will watch over them.

New middle school administration building

Middle school security building


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